Installation of Your New Wraps is as Easy as 1-2-3


Here at Sic•Skinz, we strive to create dynamic drum wraps to allow you to stand out from the masses of drummers out there. All of our wraps are created from high resolution, printed graphics which are then laminated with a .5mm high-heat, high-pressure overlaminate to lock in the imagery and to give your wrap a long-lasting endurance. Due to this procedure, the result is a resilient and flexible wrap that, in most cases, can go directly on top of your existing finish. Our wraps do not require any glue, they come with included high-bond, double-stick tape thet DOES NOT stick to your drum's shells, but rather, one end of the wrap sticks to the other end of the wrap with a 2" overlap to lock down the seam.

And the great thing is... THEY WILL WORK ON ANY MANUFACTURER'S DRUMS! (Well, except for those crazy North Drums).

And they install in just three easy steps...

Watch the videos below to learn how to effectively remove your hardware, as well as how to install your new Sic•Skinz Custom Drum Wraps!

If you would like to see a video on how to remove your badge, check out our YouTube Channel by clicking the appropriate icon below.


To remove your Stamp-in-Type Air Vents...

I think we can all agree that the cheap-o air vents that came with your store-bought kit suck. That's why I made these directions to help you get those things out of there, and get your shells ready for a set of REAL air vents...
av1 av2 av3
If you have a stamp-in airvent grommet like the one pictured here, it can be removed using a standard screw-driver and a hammer or mallet.
Looking closer at the grommet, you can see that it is raised above the surface of the inside of the shell (in most cases). Which gives us room to work.
Place your standard (or "flathead") screwdriver perpendicular to the inside of the shell against the top lip of the grommet.
av4 av5 av6
Using your hammer or mallet, gently tap down the top of the grommet. A slight indentation where the screw-driver blade was placed might result. No worries! It will get covered!
Now, flip the shell (or use the blade of the screw-driver like a key and rotate the grommet) and tap down the opposite side of the grommet
Rotate the grommet 45 degrees to access the next section to be tapped, and tap it in.
av7 av8 av9
Now, rotate the grommet 180 degrees to tap down the final side to create an "X" shape. If there is any portion of the edge still hanging over the wood of the shell tap them down to prevent damage to the shell in the next step.
Now, using the screwdriver like a hole-punch, gently push against the airvent grommet from the inside of the shell, pushing out. If it does not push easily, tap down any other small overhangs, or if there are none, gently tap the screwdriver with your hammer.
Bingo! Now you are done. If you are overly anal, you can lightly sand down the ragged wood left from removing the hole, but when you replace the airvent with one of our heavy-duty, professional, threaded vents, you will never see it. Hint, hint...







If you would like to download a PDF of the Installation Instrustions, please click the image below. Your download should begin immediately. Or, it may open in a new browser window, depending on your browser's settings.



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