Custom Artistry Design Series

Custom Artistry Design Series

What this service is is the option to purchase an entirely custom-designed wrap theme for your drum set. We have many pictures of custom-themed kits I have designed for some of the biggest drummers to hit the scene, from Prince to Snoop Dogg; from Disturbed to Sugarland... custom designed drum wraps set you apart from the rest. And better yet, they are designed by the same guy who designed the kits for the aformentioned artists... me! I ask that if you choose this option, you email me directly as there is a $350 dollar service charge I add to this service for my design time. Basically, you choose your wrap sizes, and place your order through me via phone or email. If you purchase your custom wraps through this shopping cart, you will not have a way to upload artwork to me, tell me what you want, etc. So reach out to me and I will gladly work with you directly. If you already have your artwork, there will be no service/design fee added, and all you will have to do is pay for the wraps. Make sense?

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Hoop & Rim Strips

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