Band Logo Drum Heads & Decals

Band Logo Drum Heads & Decals

Put your band's logo across the front of your kicks or Full-production Album Artwork. The choice is yours! You have a huge amount of advertising space on the front of your Bass drum(s), take advantage of it, and get the audience to remember your name! Order One or two decals or full-dress heads for your kit here. We also suggest adding Mic Hole support rings too. There are three options for you to choose from for what type of artwork you will be submitting, need to have created, and camera logo option where we create your artwork based on elements you supply. Each has it's own fee rate added to the cost of the decal or head, except if you are submitting your own camera-ready artwork at 150DPI and in 100% scale in wither .EPS or .PSD formats in RGB or CMYK modes. No JPG, GIF, Word Documents, PNG, or low resolution web imagery will be accepted. Thank you!

Drum Heads & Head Decals

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