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For your next kit project... You need a quality set of shells.

There are none of higher quality than these, and now you can get them here...



Then You'll Need a KILLER Finish!

But, What are Sic•Skinz?


Sic•Skinz are a simple, yet cost-effective alternative to paint when considering:

a new finish for your OLD kit,
a new finish for a NEW kit,
or maybe you want to add a shell to match...

We got you covered.

Sic•Skinz Custom Drum Wraps is the industry leader in manufacturing and designing high-quality, high-resolution, graphic prints for drums. All of our Graphic and Custom Artistry Wraps are high-heat laminated to become a crisp, new, and visually STUNNING drum wrap material. Our wraps are approximately 13mil thick, UV-Protected, are flexible, can go on over your existing finish, won't warp or crack in the extreme heat or extreme cold, are easy and fast to install with just a screwdriver, a little patience, and an X-Acto knife...

and, they will get you NOTICED!

We make every wrap by hand at the time of order. They are not mass-produced or stored in some dusty warehouse waiting to dry-rot. And you will never hear anyone describe our wraps as "contact paper" or that they are too thin. But, seeing as how they ARE made at the time of order, we ask that you please be patient. We cannot change the laws of physics (even though we may often try to bend them) it takes us one to two weeks turnaround time normally, but volume, sales numbers, holidays, etc. can affect that time. Remember, you ARE getting something custom made. Ink needs to cure, laminate needs to cool and cure, etc.

Anyway, enough yapping about all that. We built a Product Video that we thought might help you all understand a little better, just what it is we do with other people's drums... amongst a few other things...


How was THAT for an introduction video, huh?

So, now that we have helped stimulate your creative side, take a stroll through our Wrap Designs section of the site and let your imagination run wild! While there, just click on a design and the site will redirect you to our SECURE shopping cart. It is safe to order through as we allow for offline CC transactions through the ordering system shopping cart via PayPal.

Oh yeah... if you are interested in checking out our most current design catalog online, you can view it now at the following address:


We now offer Digital Gift Cards for use in our online store!


Available in denominations of $50, $100, $250, and $500.
These Digital Gift Cards may be stacked and used on any item(s) in our online store.

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Some of the Talent I have Proudly Worked With:


Mike Wengren / Disturbed
Charlie Benante / Anthrax
Butch Vig / Garbage
Tommy Lee / Motley Crue
Barry Kerch / Shinedown
Shawn Drover / Megadeth
Nick Menza (RIP) / Megadeth
Sean Kinney / Alice In Chains
Vinnie Paul / Pantera / HELLYEAH! (RIP)
DD Verni / Overkill / Verni
Jason Bittner / Overkill
Ron Lipnicki / Overkill
Travis McNabb / Sugarland
Scott Rockenfield / Queensryche
Shannon Leto / 30 Seconds to Mars
Snoop Dogg / Snoop Lion
B.B. King (RIP)
Wild Mick Brown / Ted Nugent
Prince (RIP)
Daniel Erlandsson / Arch Enemy
Adrian Young / No Doubt
Tim Yeung / Morbid Angel / Death Division
Hunter Hayes
Russ Whitman / Craig Morgan
LouDog / Kottonmouth Kings
Alannis Morrisette
Scott Henderson / Agents of Chaos (RIP)
Kobra and the Lotus
Rick Brothers / Gretchen Wilson, Colt Ford
Steve Moore / The Mad Drummer
Will Carroll / Death Angel
Lennon Lopez / Rotting Corpse
...and countless local bands!


For an image gallery of work I have done with these amazing folks, use the links below

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