Over the years, I have been blessed to have worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry to create some of the most magnificent and detailed drum heads out there. Friends like Mike Wengren (Disturbed), Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Shawn Drover (Megadeth), Butch Vig (Garbage), Barry Kerch (Shinedown), and many, many more.

  • Mike Wengren - Disturbed
  • Mike Wengren - Disturbed
  • Disturbed Live
  • Mike Wengren - Disturbed
  • Motley Crue Final Tour
  • Nick Menza - Megadeth (RIP)
  • Barry Kerch - Shinedown
  • Ron Lipnicki - Overkill
  • Shannon Leto - 30 Seconds to Mars
  • Butch Vig - Garbage
  • Butch Vig - Garbage
  • Butch Vig - Garbage
  • Aaron Farrier - Lorenzo
  • Ben Linton - Chemical Rage
  • Russ Whitman - Craig Morgan
  • Shawn Drover - Megadeth
  • Shawn Drover - Megadeth
Mike Wengren - Disturbed1 Mike Wengren - Disturbed2 Disturbed Live3 Mike Wengren - Disturbed4 Motley Crue Final Tour5 Nick Menza - Megadeth (RIP)6 Barry Kerch - Shinedown7 Ron Lipnicki - Overkill8 Shannon Leto - 30 Seconds to Mars9 Butch Vig - Garbage10 Butch Vig - Garbage11 Butch Vig - Garbage12 Aaron Farrier - Lorenzo13 Ben Linton - Chemical Rage14 Russ Whitman - Craig Morgan15 Shawn Drover - Megadeth16 Shawn Drover - Megadeth17

Pricing of Full-Face Drum Head Decals:


Head Size Price Base Color of Vinyl
18" 69.99 White
20" 79.99  
22" 99.99  
24" 109.99  


Pricing of Full-Dress Drum Head with Mounted Decal:


Head Size Price Color of Head
18" 99.99 Black Gloss
20" 109.99 White Gloss
22" 124.99 Clear
24" 139.99  



Long-Production Merchandise/Signing Heads for Touring Drummers:


Merchandising is the foundation of the touring musician's income these days. And one of the biggest sellers besides T-Shirts is Full-Sized drum heads. They are perfect for meet & greets and signings as well as contest swag and event sprinkles. We price these competitively so that your band can still receive profit if you decide to sell these at shows.

Head Size Pricing Qty Bulk   Head Size Pricing Qty Bulk
22" $2000 25   24" $2,250 25
  $3,750 50     $4,250 50
  $7,000 100     $8,000 100
  $16,250 250     $18,750 250


Album art, Custom Art, or something designed entirely by us, the pricing is the same. And like all fairly traded goods, the more you order, the more you save per unit.

All we ask is at least 50 percent of the purchase in advance to order your materials, and a decent amount of lead time before the tour to produce them.

Oh, and I'll gladly deal direct with your mechandising partner or label. Just contact me.

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