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We Also Offer Wrapping Services at $25 per shell (customer pays shipping both ways) -- Keep in mind, however, we will only re-wrap shells with OUR WRAPS. Contact Us to request this service.

For Those Who Wish to Take Their Kit to the NEXT LEVEL of Cool!

Mike Wengren of Disturbed's 2019 Touring Kit - Photo by Mike Wengren opening night of the tour in San Diego, CA
(Sic•Skinz Products featured on this rig: Custom Artistry Wraps, Hoop Strips, Full Dress Drum Heads, and Drum Wrapping Service)

"Every now and again, a client comes to me with album art or at least a pretty good idea in their mind of what they would like to see on their shells. This time was no different as I have done a few tours for Mike Wengren of Disturbed (you might recall that amazing Crumble Debris kit I designed for him a few years back). Mike came to me with a request to take the album artwork for their soon-to-be-released "Evolution" album and enhance it, modify it, or whatever else I needed to do to turn that artwork into a successful drum head design.

He then mentioned the drums and that Pearl was going to be providing a raw 8 piece Reference Series kit with Maple and Mahognay shells to wrap for the tour. And he wanted to know if they could ship it directly to me to have me wrap it personally... I jumped at the opportunity. Because as soon as I saw the album artwork for the heads, I already knew exactly what I wanted to do for the shells. Mike and I jumped on the phone one night and I told him my idea for the wrap and that I would send over a 3D representation of the Bass Wrap first, and take care of the rest of the shells off that basic structure of design.


That's what I was seeing. DNA of different members of Mike's immediate family being mixed in different chambers and then combined in the kicks to become the Guy!

Does that convey "Evolution", or what?

We thought so. But if you want a really good photo album of this drum set and it's evolution of build from raw shells to finished setup, CLICK HERE.

Anyway, you have had an idea in your head for quite some time. And your drum set is just collecting dust in the closet... Wrap that bitch! Let me help."

-- Brien Tomassetti, Owner


How Much Will it Cost You?

It doesn't cost as much as you might think. As a matter of fact, a standard 5 piece (single Bass ) setup of wrap material should only run you around $375. Give or take a few dollars or ten. As we price all of our wraps based on final usage size, we can only guess-timate until we know your actual sizes. However, to quote your own wraps, you can download our current pricing structure, look up your sizes needed, and then consider my design fee on top of that.

Design Fee?

Our competitors would have you think that this fee is wrong of me to ask, But, the truth of the matter is, this side of what I offer is something they do not. I am offering you access to ME to custom design you something that fits YOU. Totally 100% CUSTOM DESIGNED ART from scratch. Not just me slapping two patterns together and calling it a service to you. Any fool can do that. What I offer here is my personal talent skill set that has designed custom wraps for some of the biggest touring names in the industry. Check my roster... my graphic skills are top-notch. So, what that Design Fee is paying for is my TIME to create you something for only you. This can take days or weeks to do. Because it is like taking your hot rod into a paint shop and asking their artist to paint a dragon mural on it with naked ladies and flames and skulls and a wizard... and wanting your car done by tonight's date and for free.

That's just stupid. So, please take that into consideration when thinking about wrapping your shells with something entirely unique and available to nobody else... ever.

My design fee is $350 on top of the cost of the wraps and exclusivity. That's it. Now... if you have your own designer who has already made a design for your wraps, then I will charge you nothing extra on top of the price of the wraps. After all, we gotta keep things fair.

So, what are you waiting for... a signed Certificate of Authenticity by the Designer?

Okay. If you order a Custom Artistry designed wrap from me, I will include a printed Certificate of Authenticity with my signature on it that will be included along with your wraps.

It'll look something like this, but with YOUR name on it:

sic skinz certificate

To order a totally custom wrap, or to talk about creating a theme-based drum-wrap set, reach out to me via the contact button above.

If you already know exactly what you want, you can click the "more Info" link below and purchase the sizes you need. Then send us an image you would like to use. All we ask is that your image(s) be of high enough resolution to be enlarged enough to cover a Bass drum. 10" x 10" at 300DPI works perfectly!

Contact Us for a Quote or for Questions Regarding this Service by Clicking HERE.

  • Sean Kinney of Alice In Chains
  • Steve Moore The Mad Drummer
  • Scott Rockenfield of Queensryche
  • Carlos of Snoop Dogg
  • Russ Whitman of Craig Morgan
  • Wild Mick Brown of Ted Nugent
  • Nick Menza of Megadeth
  • Roberto Alaniz's Neil Peart Anthology
  • Dan Dauz, War Dragon
  • CJ Johnson of The Kelly Bell Band
  • Troy Rimstad of Drown Mary
  • Travis McNabb of Sugarland
  • Greg Simbari's Violet Creepy Vampire Octobans
  • Aaron Farrier's Custom Lorenzo Logo Octobans
  • Silver Drums in Canada, Purple/Silver Glitter Fade
  • Made for the USMC ...Deadpool
  • Tom Privett, Tribute to Firefighters
  • Made for Rotek Drums, Go Hawks!!!
  • Tim Newman, Chicago
  • Mike Lusby
  • Made for Bruce Dworkin, Harley Davidson
  • Steve Kirby, Morris Vans Tribute
  • Mark Watts, The Honky Tonk Experience
  • Mark Anderson, Yeti Island

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