It's time to PROTECT those beautifully-wrapped shells you've put together... How better than with padded cases from Ahead?

We offer these drum cases via our unique relationship with our distributor. They will be drop-shipped directly to you from the distributor. We DO NOT hold stock in these items.


Ahead Armor Padded Cases


These products offer the following features where applicable:

600 Denier Polyester Exterior, Weather-Resistant, Reinforced Handles, DX-CORE™ Padding (3 layers of high-impact laminated foam padding and a soft interior lining of premium Sherpa Fleece), Patented TRUFORM™: Designed to fit the "True Shape" of the drum plus its mounting hardware, Patented DYNAZIP™ (Cutaway Design that travels along the diameter of the case as well as down both sides of the Truform cutout), Heavy duty reinforced "Corner Bumpers" designed for impact protection.

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