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Sic•Skinz Custom Drum Wraps is the industry leader in manufacturing and designing high-quality, high-resolution, graphic prints for drums.

All of our Graphic and Custom Artistry Wraps are high-heat laminated to become a crisp, new, and visually STUNNING drum wrap material. Our wraps are approximately 13mil thick, UV-Protected, are flexible, can go on over your existing finish, won't warp or crack in the extreme heat or extreme cold, are easy and fast to install with just a screwdriver, a little patience, and an X-Acto knife...

and, they will get you NOTICED!

We make every wrap by hand at the time of order. They are not mass-produced in a third-world country for pennies on the dollar or stored in some dusty warehouse waiting to dry-rot. And you will never hear anyone describe our wraps as "contact paper", "cheaply made", "pixellated", or "fuzzy". But, seeing as how they ARE made at the time of order, we ask that you please be patient. We cannot change the laws of physics (even though we may often try to bend them) it takes us one to two weeks turnaround time normally, but volume, sales numbers, holidays, etc. can affect that time. Remember, you ARE getting something custom made. Ink needs to cure, laminate needs to cool and cure, etc.

Anyway, enough yapping about all that. We built a Product Video that we thought might help you all understand a little better, just what it is we do with other people's drums... amongst a few other things...


How was THAT for an introduction video, huh?

So, now that we have helped stimulate your creative side, take a stroll through our Wrap Designs section of the site and let your imagination run wild! While there, just click on a design and the site will redirect you to our SECURE shopping cart. It is safe to order through as we allow for offline CC transactions through the ordering system shopping cart via PayPal... and we retain NO PRIVATE DATA ON THESE TRANSACTIONS OTHER THAN YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS, EMAIL ADDRESS, AND PHONE NUMBER. We do NOT share any of this information with any other entities and do NOT share our mailing list(s)... EVER!


Does Sic•Skinz sell traditional Mother of Pearl or Glass Glitter or Sparkle wraps?

No. We suggest you look up www.PrecisionDrum.com for those types of traditional Delmar coverings as those are "RESOLD" finishes, and we prefer to make our own.

How do I submit a custom design?

If you are wanting a custom wrap we can do that too. We can either have me create something for you using your ideas, or you can submit your own artwork (imagery, pictures, band logo, even cloning another celebrity's kit). All submitted artwork or imagery MUST be at least 300DPI and in TIF, JPG, EPS, or PSD format. And MUST be at least 10" x 10" in size. Anything smaller or of lower resolution tends to come out "fuzzy", pixelated, or out of focus. Custom design wraps cost an additional one-time $350.00 fee to design, lay out and template your wraps, but it covers ANY wraps you do of that design, even ones in the future, should you decide to expand your kit as we keep all artwork on file for you. If you supply me with your OWN digital Artwork Files for the wraps, I will charge no extra fees other than the price of the wraps themselves.

Am I restricted to the content of my custom design?

No, I very rarely care what it is you want on your kit, after all... you will be the one seen with it in public. All I ask is that you be responsible. I've actually done a wrap of Playboy Playmates and it looked really cool when I did it... but, it was tasteful too. Often times I get people asking if I can copy a design of a famous celebrity. Sometimes I can, sometimes I cannot. Case in point: Someone asked if I could reproduce the Pictures of Lily kit of Keith Moon's. I contacted Premier Drums and they said "NO!" because the imagery belonged to the Keith Moon Estate and they will not give it out. "Ouch!"... but to copy Vinnie Paul's old Diamondback is totally acceptable, because it is a pattern based on a real animals skin, and not copyrighted. So, it depends on the situation, all you have to do is ask. We won't come to your house with armed thugs laden with batons and duct tape, we'll often just say "yes", or "no", and leave it at that.

How do I order my sizes?

Sizes may be ordered at the point when you choose a design you like and click the thumbnail. It will direct you to a shopping cart page of that particular design which will have all of the drum sizes to choose from, not to mention a colorful and most often FUN & ENTERTAINING description of that design (courtesy of the never-ending wit of our faithful CEO). You just check off the sizes you need and the shopping cart does the rest. If the size you need is not listed, just call us direct at 1.425.225.5882 and we can help you right over the phone to take your order and will more than likely add it to our selectable size listing on the site to help others in the future.

How much do Sic•Skinz wraps and/or heads cost?

The pricing of our wraps are very reasonable and are determined by the size of your drums you wish to cover. A pricing sheet can be viewed here.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept PayPal only unless other arrangements are made with us ahead of time. All orders are processed at the time of order on a first-come-first-served basis.

Do you allow for returns or replacements?

As outlined in our shopping cart "Store Policies", our Return Policy allows for returns based solely on damaged product, or wrong orders/sizes only. All claims based on damage must be accompanied with a claim through the carrier and accompanied by photographs of the damaged parcel PRIOR to opening. By "wrong orders" we mean "wrong design received" (example: You ordered a Lizard Skin, and received a Tribal Pattern with Skulls). We do not allow for returns based on your expectation of colors or shades/hues of colors or seam line-up. The reason is this, every computer monitor, the Internet, web browser, and magazine or catalog represents shades of certain colors and effects differently, and every drum manufacturer builds drums of slightly different circumferences and depths. That being the case, we cannot be held responsible for color issues and seam line-up issues. Additionally, solid colors such as Black can appear under certain light sources as containing a hue or tint of green or blue. This is from the UV protectant in the making of the wrap. So, we cannot accept returns on those either. While this may seem strict, we ask you to understand that since every wrap is made custom, we cannot re-sell your wraps... therefore any return must be recycled and would be a 100% loss to us. Any valid return request must be received by us prior to a replacement set of wraps being shipped out. All claims MUST be reported within 14 days of receipt for us to honor them. All product must be returned in un-damaged condition to Sic•Skinz prior to replacement or refund. Absolutely no returns accepted if the product has been installed on your drums. If you ordered the wrong sizes of wraps for your shells, we will not replace them free of charge. You must order a new set as we cannot be held responsible for another person's inability to operate a tape measure properly ;)

Do you sell Internationally?

Yes, as a matter of fact... we do. However, due to the unscrupulous acts of some individuals who fraudulently like to rip U.S. businesses off; we ask that any International purchases through our site be paid via PayPal and have a LEGITIMATE ACCOUNT. Also, due to the ever increasing prices of shipping, we will not honor free shipping outside of the USA. If you still wish to buy wraps from us, be prepared to pay as little as $45 shipping to Canada for wraps or head decals, and at least $65.00 shipping for a full-dress head. We apologize, but with our prices as low as they are, we cannopt justify shipping charges this high on us. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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