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Eroded, Stone, & Rally Stripes   |   Edgy/Pop-Art   |   Trippy   |   Paisleys, Tribals & Solid Colors


Wood Grains & Plaid Designs


Wood Grains

Walnut Black Fade
Burned Black
Wood Inlay Flame
Angry Wood
Wood Fence

Zebrano 1
Zebrano 2
Zebra Wood
Walnut Cluster
African Mahogany

American Poplar
Maple Black Fade

Maple Teal Fade
Maple Purple Fade
Rootbeer Fade
Bubinga Black Fade
















Plaids / Argyles / Retro Patterns

Purple Argyle Classic*
Blue Brown Argyle*
Brown Argyle*
BW Argyle*

Black Grey Argyle*
BW Plaid*
Purple Argyle*
Purple Black Argyle*
Burberry Plaid*

New Burberry Plaid*
Green Plaid*
Blue Plaid
Stewart Plaid
Ghost Plaid

Psycho Plaid
Red Black Plaid*
Blue Linear Plaid
Pink Linear Plaid
Lime Linear Plaid*

Tartan Regan Clan*
Sherbet Plaid*
Moon Shadow Plaid*
Teal Plaid*
Fire Plue Plaid

Grey Teal Plaid
Olive Gray Plaid
Teal Vanilla Plaid
Retro 50's-1

Retro 50's-2
Retro 50's-3
Retro 50's-4
Retro 50's-5
Retro 50's-6

Retro 50's-7
Retro Flowers
So 70's
Ornament Pattern
Tartan MacLeod-VS

Green Argyle*
Tartan MacLeod-LS
Electric Blue Plaid
Dk Grey Plaid
Grey Plaid

Grey Plaid Classic
Lime Purple Plaid
Lt Blue Pink Plaid
Olive Black Plaid
Pink Black Plaid

Black Argyle*
Blue Argyle Fade
Green Argyle Fade
Pink Argyle Fade
Purple Argyle Fade

Red Argyle Fade
Tartan Frasier Dress
Grey Checker Plaid
Linear Lineage 1
Linear Lineage 2











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