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You are about to go on a journey. A journey not only of sight and sound, but of mind... Just kidding. Maybe not, but what you will see are a number of designs to choose from. A good many of these designs can be manipulated into color schemes we may not already offer. Just scroll through the designs, and when you see one you like, click "More Info". Then choose the sizes of your drums, and check out. It's that simple. If you want to change the color scheme, just attach a message to your order, or email us direct. The designs that can be modified have an asterisk next to the title. If you don't see what you like in our over 400 Stock Designs, CLICK HERE to go totally custom!



50's Pink Flame*
Blue White Flames*
Cold Blue Flame*
Mad Drummer Flame*
MDI Classic Flame*

Green Apple Hotrod*
Real Flames 1
Real Flames 2
Real Flames 4

Tribal Fire
Ice Red Flames*
Red Brick Flame*
Liquid Flame
Brindle Flames*

Red Black Flames*
White Black Flames*
Green Black Flames*
Ghost Flame*
Blue Skull Flame






Animal Skins / Prints

Boa Skin 1
Boa Skin 2
VP-Diamond Back
Black Mamba
Diamondback Illust.

Grey Snakeskin
Green Lizard
Lizard Illust.
Black Lizard
Lizard Neck

Black Cow
Brown Cow
Bengal Tiger
Leopard Fur
Komodo Dragon

Elephant Illust.
Orange Alligator
Black Crocodile
Croc Belly
Peacock Illust.

Zebra Rug
Giraffe Illust.
Dos Diamondbacks
Tortoise Illust.
Snakeskin Lace






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