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Mike Wengren of Disturbed with his custom-wrapped Pearl Reference Music City Tour Kit
(photo credits go to Iron Mike Savoia at Savoia Concert Photography)

Check out Disturbed on tour NOW in the US. Mike is rocking this AMAZING drum kit that has been wrapped in a custom-designed Debris Crumble skin. The Bass Hoops are also skinned to expand the imagery further out beyond the shell and heads. The grate-work on the heads smolders with underlying magma and sports the words "DISTURBED - IMMORTALIZED."

The shells are adorned with random images related to parts of Distrurbed's history. And, an extra little tidbit of interest is the NHL Blackhawks logo... if you were not already in the know, Mike is a HUGE fan of the Blackhawks. As a matter of fact, we did a Blackhawk-themed set of heads for Distrubed's breakout from hiatus run. But THIS beast... THIS is what we are focusing on right now.

The drums are a Pearl Reference Series Music City Custom with a beautiful double-rack set-up Mike designed himself. All of the toms and floor toms are Opti-mount equipped. And the kicks are triggered AND wired with two mics each... So, these kicks SLAM! There is also a very unique and quite brilliantly designed pole right behind and slightly to the left of Mike's throne. It is on a swivel and has a little handle on it. It also has a boom with a vocal mic, so Mike can sing back-ups and have the mic pivot immediately out of his way. But, I will say no more on that, other than Mike's tech and my good pal, Nick Engle worked with Mike to get it developed and built... and even has a funny story about the first few nights working with it.

Anyway, I wrote up an article on this set and the creation of the wraps, as well as how working directly with Mike was so beneficial to this type of concept design. That article is available in our current Product Line Catalog. There are also more pics of the kit, the shells, and of course, more pics of MIKE!

This catalog is available for online viewing HERE.

-- Brien Tomassetti - Owner of Sic•Skinz
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So, just what are Sic•Skinz?

Simply put, Sic•Skinz are High-Quality, High-Resolution, Graphic Prints that are High-Heat Laminated to become a crisp, new, and visually STUNNING drum wrap material. They are around 13mil thick, are flexible, can go on over your existing finish, won't warp or crack in the heat or extreme cold, are easy and fast to install with just a screwdriver and a sharp knife...

And, they will get you NOTICED!

Anyway, enough yapping about that. We spent the latter part of 2015 working on a Product Video that we thought might help you all understand a little better, just what it is we do with other people's drums... and stuff...


How was THAT for an introduction video, huh?

So, take a stroll through our Wrap Designs section of the site and let your imagination run wild!

Just click on a design and the site will redirect you to our shopping cart. It is safe and secure to order through, but, PLEASE allow two to four weeks for delivery as we make all of our wraps at the time of order. Thanks.


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Mike Wengren - Disturbed

Charlie Benante - Anthrax

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Tommy Lee - Motley Crue

Barry Kerch - Shinedown

Shawn Drover - Megadeth

Nick Menza (RIP) - Megadeth

Sean Kinney - Alice In Chains

Travis McNabb - Sugarland

Scott Rockenfield - Queensryche

Shannon Leto - 30 Sec to Mars

Snoop Dogg

B.B. King (RIP)

Wild Mick Brown - Ted Nugent

Hannah Ford - Prince (RIP)

Daniel Erlandsson - Arch Enemy

Adrian Young - No Doubt

Tim Yeung - Morbid Angel

Ron Lipnicki - Overkill

Hunter Hayes

Craig Morgan

Alannis Morrisette

Agents of Chaos

Rick Brothers - Gretchen Wilson

Steve Moore - The Mad Drummer

Will Carroll - Death Angel

Lennon Lopez - Rotting Corpse

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and Many More!




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